Jul 26
Quotes Are Now Just a Click Away

Worcester Gears & Racks understands the need for speed in business. With enhanced Web capabilities, Worcester Gears & Racks offers a convenient platform to accept CAD files and other image files that describe gearing projects so you can get pricing almost immediately.

For more information about Worcester Gears & Racks' ability to accept image files through the Web, email Chris or call him at 508-987-8003.

Seeking Field Reps

Worcester Gears & Racks is seeking field representation in the following areas as defined by MANA (Manufacturers' Agents' National Association): territories 4, 15 and 18. If you operate an agency and would like to submit details about it, please send them to: Chris Athanas, Worcester Gears & Racks, 627 Main St, N. Oxford, MA 01537

For more information email Chris or call him at 508-987-8003.

Now Offering Off-The-Shelf AGMA 8-10 Racks

Worcester Gears & Racks is currently undertaking the process of manufacturing and stocking common pitch racks in various materials. In order to simplify the process, no mounting holes are offered, but both 14.5 and 20° pressure angles are available in lengths up to 12’. Common Diametral Pitches range from 12 DP through 64 DP; as always, specials are welcome and produced to the highest standards.

For more information email Chris or call him at 508-987-8003.