Standard and Special Gears and Gear Racks

Special is standard at Worcester Gears & Racks. Founded in 1867 Worcester Gears & Racks provides both standard and special gears and gear racks to industries ranging from defense, medical, and aerospace. We are more than capable of producing up to AGMA 8-10 gear quality on numerous projects. Worcester Gears & Racks will simplify your buying needs by providing one-stop shopping.

Production Prices and Custom Quality

Worcester Gears & Racks focuses on what it does best; makes high quality gears, racks, and worms. We also have in house capabilities to support all of your broaching requirements. Additionally, we annually survey our outside vendors who provide us with heat treating, plating and EDM work to ensure their adherence to our standards. Here at Worcester Gears & Racks, we are able to provide competitive pricing due to our investment in equipment and tooling. Regardless of what is needed, we typically have in-house tooling to support your needs. Don’t wait! Check today to see what we can offer

Quality and Experience for More than 150 Years

Worcester Gears & Racks must do it right. For over 150 years they have been supplying defense, medical, aeronautical, and various other industries the quality parts required to keep America’s equipment running! Our products are regularly cut to AGMA 8-10 with quality control measures meeting stringent military specifications such as:

For over 150 years, buyers have trusted Worcester Gears & Racks quality and knowledge. Maybe its time you give us a try. Contact Us us today.

Proudly made in the USA since 1867

Proudly made in the USA since 1867